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California Gun Control regulations are some of the toughest in the country and a lot of manufacturers have had to pull guns out the market altogether thanks to the growing number of restrictions.Others have modified weapons to make California legal guns.

So, gun shops are slowly going out of business across California. Good luck getting a CCW license these days and if guns are an integral part of your life then you might want to move to Texas.

Until then you don’t have to get held to ransom by your local gun stores. Any pawn shop with an FFL license will do the transfer for you for as little as $10 and you are then free to buy guns online and have them shipped almost to your door. Do the FFL paperwork and background check at your pawn shop, so you could get your guns delivered within walking distance and save money while you’re at it.

So if you want to buy guns in California, you don’t need to go to the wrong side of the tracks. Any pawn shop that sells guns, even if it’s a battered old Hi-Point in the window, can receive guns for you.

If you live in small town California, this can be a real eye-opener. The local mom and pop gun store can receive anything, so be nice to them, get a fixed price for the FFL transfer and then buy your guns online. 1800GunsandAmmo has a particularly good selection of completely California compliant guns.

Then what do you do?

Buy guns online and save yourself a fortune.

How does buying guns online work?

You order a California compliant gun from one of our online partners and send in your pawn shop’s FFL certificate. Quite often, they’ll already have it, but it’s a simple way for you to check in with the pawn shop or local gun store first, confirm they will receive the firearm on your behalf and get a firm price.

Then our partner ships the gun to your shop and you turn up and do the paperwork. It’s really that simple and it’s basically the same as buying the gun in store.

The California Department of Justice issues very specific guidelines on the guns you’re allowed to buy and you can find a list of approved models here.


Then you do the smart thing and shop around. Keep that list to hand because there really are some great deals to be had.

We think the best online gun stores are:

  1. Brownells – In our opinion this is the slickest website,ordering system and customer service package on the web. They stock some really cool firearms, they know their stuff and their site is always up to date with the latest stock.

  1. Rainier Arms– The site doesn’t work quite as well as Brownells and you have to dig through the menus to come up with cool stuff. But Rainier Arms has some epic handguns in stock, including some of the best custom Glocks in the world from Agency Arms. 300 Blackout SBRs are another in-house special, but check out the website and especially the Make an Offer section.

  2. 1800GunsandAmmo – Epic handguns for sale here, just have a look through the hunting revolvers if you want to get a minor chubby on. It’s turning into the Amazon of firearms and they want to make it easy to order. They already have the FFL certificates of most dealers on file and they’re turning into an online giant with great prices and stock.

  3. Impact Guns – Another classy website and a massive selection of guns to buy online. Everything from major league hunting rifles to California-legal AR-15s.

The California Bulk Ammo law means it’s not really worth shopping online for ammunition. Just buy that at your local dealer. But you can find some real bargains when you shop for guns online and keep an eye on the USA Gun Shop, too. Sign up for weekly emails that give you the best deals, then you know when to pull the trigger.

So who is the best gunbroker in California?

  1. Warrior One Guns & Ammo

 2222 Kansas Ave, Riverside, CA 92507, USA

If you want to just buy guns in California, the old-fashioned way, Warrior One Guns & Ammo in Riverside is probably the best gun store in California as well as Los Angeles. The staff know what they are doing, they can’t sell you a gun that could get you in to trouble and they will help you understand the rules and regs that go with California gun ownership. There are some truly inventive guns in direct response to the California gun control laws. So pop by and see what they guys at Warrior One Guns & Ammo can sell you. This might really be the best gun store in California.

2. Guns Direct

1521 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91506, USA

This Burbank store has a sterling reputation for customer service and stock. They’re an official dealer for Glock, Sig Sauer and Springfield Armory. That’s just the start. They’re a solid bunch with a devoted following, so drop by and introduce yourself and see what they can do for you price wise. They are easily one of the best gun stores in California and their reputation goes before them.

3. Bay Area Gun Vault

 363 W El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040, USA

Gun stores aren’t exactly all over Silicon Valley, but the Bay Area Gun Vault is a great store with racks of weapons for you to inspect and buy. They are the best gunbroker in Silicon Valley. Actually they might be the only gunbroker in Silicon Valley. There’s one more in nearby Sunnyvale, but yeah, apart from that, if you want to buy guns in California and you work at one of the big Valley tech companies, this is your Huckleberry.

4. Lincoln Gun Exchange

472 Lincoln Blvd, Lincoln, CA 95648, USA

This is a small gunshop out in the sticks, but it makes up for its lack of size with great advice and it has a solid supply of new and used AR-15s and handguns.

5. Sacramento Black Rifle

8095 Greenback Ln B, Citrus Heights, CA 95610, USA

A great selection of firearms at solid prices. You can save money online, but if you just want convenience then you won’t pay much more for the privilege of just going and selecting your weapon in the store.